Thursday, July 30, 2009

the rainbow said to the horse...

the Horse T-shirt is an Ebay find, white jeans H&M, lace-up booties Jeffrey campbell,

The idea about the t-shirt was to find a beast tee that would match my hair, I wanted to create a blending between my hair and the tee print... or the same kind of look as on the tee and create with that a different look. I wish I would have had time to really work and blow dry my hair... actually even if I had time I prob still wouldn't take "proper" care of my hair :/

and no need to say that we are still messing around with the camera, to get the flares simple point the camera directly towards the sun.. we used a 50mm lens on my Canon Rebel :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I wish I had brought a bigger bag

Vogue Event at Phi, hosted by Lauren Santo Domingo

I spotted Erin Fetherston and June Ambrose and was drooling over Lauren's leather pants,

but was spending most my time sipping wine and having chats with one of Phi's creative brains; Declan Kearney, Oh man I loved everything, the fall collection is amazing, shoes, bags, I need those booties and the gloves! seriously!

I went on to explore the store, loved the clothing racks, obviously, fitting room has some amazing mirrors, great playground overall and Im seriously in awe of the designs!

I'm wearing an AA dress, H&M bra over the dress, Urban Outfitters legging, H&M jean jacket, Doc Martens.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

woods and trees and shady pools

I finally went full blown green in Central Park, I wish I could have dipped my toes in the cool shady pool, but you see, it must be polluted in a New York kind of way,

My inner bohemian Beast had its galore with a nice picnic and some serious tree climbing, talking to animals is never bad either, they never talk back.

I have no idea how this - I guess - Turtle (he seems like a little swimmer) ended up here in Central Park, or are they native New Yorkers?

Anyway, I had my Cinderella fix, playing with a squirrel, the turtle and a butterfly, the butterfly almost landed on the turtle before it got camera shy...

I just kept it simple, with an vintage dress and flower crown set with sandals,

Friday, July 24, 2009

pink 25/7

I got the boots from Ebay, they have a whole load of these ones, lol, I think I just typed in studded cowboy boots,

I'm planning to stud them more, and I said planning so prob it will never happen, oh well.. my imaginary all-over studded cowboy boots.... I'm wearing a very awesome imaginary bag with it too. Imaginary accessories are far better then Imaginary friends.

The dress is H&M and the blazer is Alexander Wang-not imanginary, yes the Wang sample sale brought something to me.. I also discovered dry shampoo, dry shampoo is an investment, dry shampoo is like the rock star under the shampoos,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

feeling cheeky

I love this little outfit! I cannot tell you enough how much I love it, it makes me feel girly, playful, flirty and a bit naughty, I swear dress up like this and you will know what I mean :)

The miu miu inspired skirt and tote are from Le Blog de Sushi
, I love her, I love her blog and love everything she makes, she's one of those girls that really make me curious,

Every time I see her outfit posts in her room, I'm actually going through the whole room haha, Im spying whats on the wall, drooling over the carpet, basically I want to open every little drawer and little book, I love all the bows, the blog is a world of all things pretty and so is everything thats being made, the skirt is so neatly finished, with a label printed on the inside, everything perfect! check out her

and..... Sushi is donating one of these tote's to redeem in Chictopia's ShopUgly
, I will put it up between now and tomorrow.

Photos taken by Maya from
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