Tuesday, June 30, 2009

leather, silk and bows

Oh I just love the bow, love it, H&M; thank you, not even 6 dollars,

The leather pants are vintage, I still want some straight ones but i love this fit too,
the top is from Zara and shoes MJ

Sunday, June 28, 2009

DIY Rodarte-ish tights

Playing with Karen in the Lower east Side, just goofing around,

I had a DIY craze last night doing these tights, and I did the leggings Karen is wearing too, they are subtle embellished with black Swarovski's more understated then the other tights but for fall these are gonna be my baby's lol, black shimmer on black :)

My tutu dress is from the H&M, studded choker, heels from steve madden, Karen is wearing a draped up and pinned H&M dress, with Emma Cook's.

I have been a bit absent lately cause I have been so busy with a lot of diy's and designs but take tomorrow to get back at the comments and emails :)

love ya

photos by Michael Marrs

Friday, June 26, 2009

the cut out skull sweater

I have been drooling over this DIY Pleasure Principle cut-out skull sweater for ages since the real Pleasure Principle is unfindable or not for sell?????
so when I saw it again on China le's
with asian stereotypes , I wasted no time lol
!!! I have become quite a collector of the DIY's I think:)

These photos were taken in the east village, man so happy I didnt got rained on for a change, serious, it has been raining for like two weeks now!!

I'm wearing a diy cut out skull sweater, leggings, aa white dress and top, Jeffrey Campbell for LF stores limited edition boots, miu miu bag

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

high line

so this was not last Sunday but the Sunday before.. its the outfit some of you saw on the High Line Street Style slide show on style.com, I finally got the photos.. :)

The photo on style.com was taken by Craig Arend, shortly after that photo was taken I was stopped by Karl Guerre from Swagger360 to take some snaps for his street style blog. I will totally bug him about his camera and lenses, his photos are amazing!

I'm so happy with my angry looks, it's operation "de-cute-ilazation" :) I got tons of smiling pictures but seeing these, I really cracked up :)

Karl had the brilliant idea to let me stand on this concrete thing.. with heels! that was not gonna fly, hell no, that would have been a balancing act gone wrong!

I wear a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, tucked up, over it my consignment store steal; an Antonio Madras top and tipped of with my miumiu boots.

Monday, June 22, 2009

bbbblack and rrrrrainn

The rain these days is endless, seriously, I really start to like it actually, I just wish I had been wearing make up, that would have been perfect, all smutchy! tutu's, rain and running make-up = perfect!

This is of course Karen, I forgot all the brands of her items (of course), except her killer A.F Vandevorst boots, the Zara sequined blazer and the H&M tutu dress,

I wear, Karen's All Saints leather jacket (I so want to steal it, no need to say), topshop dress, Alaia shoes, and later over it my Viktor & Rolf insect print dress thing.

Photo's by Michael Marrs

Saturday, June 20, 2009

here comes the flutes

I had a really crazy goooood week,
man, I have been smiling so much my cheeks hurt?!?

Wednesday I got an email from an celebrity! for my tights!!! So on my Birthday I went over to meet and discus and that evening and night I spent making more, so I am dreaming again hahaha and dude it feels soooooo good to be dreaming :)

I also am so thankful that this made me realize I should keep on designing and creating, so I will spent more time creating :) what ever happens happens and I hope those little tights will do their magic... ohhhh I hope the dreams come true!

I will also spent more time on Chictopia and well on the shopugly, I will try with heart and soul to grow it out to a bigger platform where we can promote young designers and DIY's as well as blog about new stores, items, the give-aways on the blogs and hey.. if any of you figures out how to bargain the price down at H&M we can do a video with us getting kicked out of the H&M, I would love that!! I really want to spice it up!

and yes, it is me on style.com at the high-line, I will have to post some pics another time, also my photo is included in an interview Chictopia's Helen and Connie have on Dazed Digital!

I will finally have tomorrow to surf the web and visit all your blogs, man I missed a whole week so have a lot to catch up with :)

I'm wearing an H&M zipper dress, I wear it 2 sizes to big btw, the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, they are selling out real quick I believe, just before the photos we were in the Sephora, I tried a brow marker, but Im not sure if I see a difference..
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